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Total Force Development Council (TFDC) Member


Professional Development

To reach our full potential, growth must never stop. In the National Capital Region, surveys and other feedback indicate a perceived absence of professional development opportunities for those assigned to the area. Additionally, there is a desire for the sort of professional development that goes beyond a certain career field or even beyond the DoD, and instead applies universally across the human domain. 

National Capital Region (NCR) TFDC and Air University North

The partnership of the NCR Total Force Development Council and Air University North seek to close these gaps and provide some tools to enable personal and professional growth, irrespective of position, rank, or age. The National Capital Region Total Force Development Council and Air University North seek to: 

• Enable Airmen with tools to grow themselves into better leaders and teammates. 

• Deliver "Human Domain" concepts to Defense Department Professionals of all ranks and ages.

• Offer Professional Development programs beyond Professional Military Education Course 

Course Delivery

Courses focusing on Leadership, Teamwork, Individual Growth, Strategy, and other topics from guest instructors are regularly scheduled at various locations in the NCR. Additionally, our team of facilitators can come to your unit to deliver professional development material tailored to your needs. 


"Coming to this course, I was suspicious about how helpful it would be. Ms. Smith gave us a lot of useful information and I enjoyed it." 

(Laura N. - Civilian, USAF) 


"Ms. Smith's story, leadership assessment tool and discussion of the Hersey-Blanchard SLT made it a great session!" (TSgt(P) - USAF) 


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